Designing and printing high quality packaging for pharmaceutical and alimentary sectors since 1977.

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Dal 1977

Our story

Neri Labels became the leader of Pharma labels, thanks to its organization and its constant investments in innovative technologies, and over the years it has developed commercial business in other sectors.

The continuous improvement is strongly supported by the Executive Board, in order to optimize costs and the performance and to provide the clients with competitive prices and efficient services.
Neri Labels owns a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification and SQ set and in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 15378 legislation and cGMP.
In 2019 Neri Labels gained new skills and new market share in complementary sectors through the acquisition of Biemme Etichette srl which is a company in the province of Brescia.
Neri Labels designs and creates the graphic layouts with the help of its technicians, following the technical specifications given by the clients, it produces Cromalin with coloured proofing process with the machine P INDIGO to obtain a graphic design approval and an outlook of the production yield. It produces and prints self-adhesive labels on paper and film of 15 to 450 µm thick.

It produces and prints those materials that are not supported by the pharmaceutical and alimentary industries.
Neri Group, which includes Neri Labels and Biemme Etichette, offers wide-ranging technologies and knowledge that cover the needs of the various industrial sectors, from the pharmaceutical area to the beverage, from the food sector to the cosmetics, the company is specialized in printing labels for the beverage sector, with a special focus on the world of labels for wine bottles.