Designing and printing high quality packaging for pharmaceutical and alimentary sectors since 1977
SINCE 1977

Pharmaceutical and food packaging: guarantee and quality from Neri Labels

Our story

Neri Labels became the leader of Pharma labels, thanks to its organization and its constant investments in innovative technologies, and over the years it has developed commercial business in other sectors.

The continuous improvement is strongly supported by the Executive Board, in order to optimize costs and the performance and to provide the clients with competitive prices and efficient services. Neri Labels owns a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification and SQ set and in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 15378 legislation and cGMP. In 2019 Neri Labels gained new skills and new market share in complementary sectors through the acquisition of Biemme Etichette srl which is a company in the province of Brescia. Neri Labels designs and creates the graphic layouts with the help of its technicians, following the technical specifications given by the clients, it produces Cromalin with coloured proofing process with the machine HP INDIGO to obtain a graphic design approval and an outlook of the production yield. It produces and prints self-adhesive labels on paper and film of 15 to 450 µm thick. It produces and prints those materials that are not supported by the pharmaceutical and alimentary industries. Neri Group, which includes Neri Labels and Biemme Etichette, offers wide-ranging technologies and knowledge that cover the needs of the various industrial sectors, from the pharmaceutical area to the beverage, from the food sector to the cosmetics, the company is specialized in printing labels for the beverage sector, with a special focus on the world of labels for wine bottles.

The story of Neri Labels

The company was founded in 1977 with the intention of offering a quality product destined to an area which is particularly demanding, that is the Pharmaceutical area. The entrepreneurial intuition and the sensitivity towards a constant improvement made the company a landmark for the Italian pharmaceutical industry. Today the productions in this sector form 80% of the work procedures.

Neri Labels is born

The idea of Gianpaolo Neri, founder of the Neri company in the year 1972 and designed to produce machinery for packaging in the pharmaceutical area, was to offer to said sector also products for a secondary packaging (labels, leaflets, etc.). Thus was born Neri Labels, that for the first years had its head office in the establishment of Neri Macchine.

Gallus R200

The first rotary typographical printing machine Gallus R200 with 6 colours and a flat rotary cutting die, painting unit and corona treating and cardan shaft. In the company there were already 3 flat typographical wave machines mod.150 mod.250 and mod.270.

The typographical Gallus R200B01 was introduced

It was introduced the second rotary typographical machine in order to increase the production abilities, a typographical Gallus R200B01 with the implementation of a unit for hot printing. Also two new control panels were introduced.

The design department was created

The design department for graphic layouts and texts processing was created in the company without an external server.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate


The management system has been certified since 2002 for a better definition of processes and business flows, with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

New productive buildings

Realization of the new productive buildings that offer more space for a total of 2500 sqm. At the same time, the company purchased a new flexographic printing machine Gallus EM280 with a rotary cutting die and a new control panel Jupiter TC280.

Insertion of the second flexographic machine

Insertion of the second flexographic machine EM410S with electronic record, 8 colours, double cutting die, broadband of 400mm. It was added a new control panel Prati mod.Jupiter TC400 with a system of inspection at 100%.

Expansion of the production site

Expansion of the production site and adaptation to standard Pharma, the print room was extended with new places for cutting and final control and it was also added a new storage with temperature monitoring. Purchase of the machine Flexo Gallus EM430 – 8 units, a serigraphic unit, 2 colours on adhesive, lamination and plasticisation unit.

Purchase of the Graphimecc machine

The Graphimecc machine was purchased for the serialization “Insertion of the printing machine Nilpeter FA4 – 8 printing units, quick change cutting die, lamination unit and 2 colours on digital adhesive print HP + flexographic printing machine + 400 format.

Neri Labels acquires Biemme Etichette

Through an SPV, Neri Labels has acquired 100% of Biemme Etichette srl, a company based in Pozzolengo (Brescia). In business for 40 years with three founding partners, Biemme is well-established in the wine & beverage, cosmetics and food industries. After acquiring their second production site, the founders of Neri Labels set up the NeriGroup project, which brings together 70 professionals, 9 printers, 7 control benches and an array of finishing machines.

Purchase of the machine Gallus 440

The company purchased the machine Gallus 440 label master – 8 printing units – 2 colours on adhesive material and lamination and plasticisation units. It will be installed in August, replacing the machines EM410 and HP INDIGO 6900, it will be added a new panel control PRATI, a new ESKO system of latest generation and a new information system ODOO.

Neri Labels expands its machine park with the new HP Indigo 6900

Neri Labels has added to its machine park with the HP Indigo 6900. The new press, an evolution of the HP Indigo Digital, features a number of performance upgrades such as a splice detector and new ceramic rollers.

Acquisition of new Graphimecc machine for back printing

Neri Labels acquires a new Graphimecc machine for high-speed printing and serialization 100% control of printed data and issue of control certification.
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Neri Labels currently covers flexographic and digital productions, as well as sophisticated serigraphy productions and random labels.

The production area is designed to ensure the best working conditions to our employees and to obtain the maximum production flexibility according to our clients’ requests. Every workstation is designed to offer the right combination of guaranteed quality and productivity, paying special attention to the safety at work.
All production areas are correctly built and run to secure the productions in accordance with the law. Every area is under controlled temperature due to an efficient air-conditioning system, that guarantees the maintenance of raw materials under ideal conditions.



Our team

A young company despite our 45 years of experience, we have 42 staff (including 2 R&D, 12 printing specialists and 3 graphic designers) who are all highly skilled and trained to take care of the most stringent legal requirements.
The constant growth during the years has created a strong landmark for the most demanding business sectors at national level and more.