The label of the future

Thanks to NFC TAG the consumer can consult endless contents.

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The label of the future

Neri Labels - Tag NFC


Improve the efficiency of your packaging
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Neri Labels - Tag RFID


Engineer your warehouse
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Neri Labels - TAG RFID: ingegnerizza il tuo magazzino
Customer Experience


Improve the efficiency of your packaging and labels applying NFC Tag.

Improving the efficiency of the packaging communication, expanding its technical contents is one of the most stimulating challenges of the last decades, during which technology made enormous steps forward, also due to new solutions, combining traditional mechanisms to new means of communication and certification of data.

The applications based on RFID and NFC have the advantage of eliminating the obligation of setting physical or visual contact between the object and the detection device, simply needing radio reading that can also be completely automated.

Neri Labels - Tag NFC - Customer Experience

Customer Experience

It gives the clients the opportunity to live a delightful experience, comfortable with the brand and aiming to create a relationship.

Neri Labels - Tag NFC - Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Creating a deep connection with our own clients that can guide buying decisions, interactions, different ways of participating and engaging with the brand.

Neri Labels - Tag NFC - Codice Univoco

Unique Code

The NFC TAG is natively equipped with an unique code that makes it unique and allows the serialization of the single product.

Neri Labels - Tag NFC - Applicazioni e Dimensioni

Application and dimensions

THE NFC TAG is a small-size adhesive of minimal thickness that can be attached to the back of your label.

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The NFC TAG is an adhesive on which it is printed a microchip and battery-less, so it is passive, dormant.

Neri Labels - Tag NFC - Geolocalizzazione


When the TAG is activated from the smartphone, it can be geolocalized.

Neri Labels Etichette autoadesive

Customer Experience

Thanks to the unique and encrypted code it is possible to communicate specific information to users.

Neri Labels Etichette autoadesive

Upgradable contents

The information visualized by the user can be modified by you intuitively and independently.



A complete approach to the storage and shipping logistics.

The RFID technology applied to logistics allows a complete approach to the storage and shipping logistics, automatically tracking the movements through the installation of reader.
The aim is to shorten the production and shipping times, and for this reason the RFID technology is used during the production stages, reducing the errors during checking times of deliveries and stock entry.

Highest traceability

Unique identification

Remote reading

The information are automatically acquired in the range of the antenna

Updatable information

No direct intervention on the label but through a specific software